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Plasters & Mortars

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Non Hydraulic Limes (wet)

Also known as air lime or non-hydraulic lime because it needs air to set and won’t set under water. This material is used to make basic mortars, plasters and limewashes. They come wet (rather like cottage cheese).

Non Hydraulic Lime Mixes (wet)

These are supplied pre-mixed as a wet product.

Hydraulic Lime Mixes

A revolutionary and unique range of pre-mixed dry hydraulic lime mortars/plasters, produced using factory precision batching techniques to tried and tested recipes. Just add water! Ideal either as an easy application for historic buildings, where hydraulic mortars are suitable, or as a sustainable alternative to cement mortar in new-build. AVAILABLE IN SELF-MIXING SILOS FOR LARGE PROJECTS - PLEASE CONTACT US FOR DETAILS.

Hydraulic Limes (dry powder)

These come in a range of strengths; they will set in damp/wet conditions and should be used where additional strength/durability is required. They are also excellent for new-build projects and offer sustainable alternatives to cement. They come as dry powders.

Earth Plasters & Plaster Backgrounds

Our range of earth products are ideal for restoration work or eco-friendly new-build projects. Equally at home in both vernacular and designer environments, they are compatible with breathning constructions. Our natural and traditional hand riven products and boards provide high quality and eco-friendly backgrounds for plastering work.

Products |  Plasters & Mortars

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the varied nature of the products sold on this site, Carriage and Packing charges are NOT included with your online order. Our staff will optimise your carriage charges based on the combination of products ordered and will call you to confirm the cost prior to shipping.

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