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Satisfied customer quotes

"What impressed me was the complete absence of 'time-wasters' - everyone who got in touch was genuinely interested and most visited the cottage ... and of course, best of all, I've sold the place to one of them!"

Steve Fish, Norfolk

"I have just had my sixth enquiry from your site. That is six more than I've had from the other four sites that I am on. Congratulations!"

Philip Linder, Devon

"Three of our friends have sold through you guys too..we keep spreading the news..wish all houses were sold in this way!!"

Diana Darbyshire

"The site was very successful. We had I believe about 25 enquiries and substantial serious interest ...I would not hesitate to use the site again."

Michael Wolfers

"We sold our period property after the fourth day of advertising on the Period Property UK site ...I would not hesitate to market our property this way again."

Derrick Goodwin

Success stories

Jonathan Christie

Jonathan Christie admits he took a calculated gamble that his buyer was serious and accepted her offer - £2500 below the asking price of £225,000 - for his three-bedroom, 17th century terrace cottage in Dedham, sold in October (2002). "If I'd hung on, I might have got the asking price but they could have turned out to be flaky. It was the ease of accepting it." His house went on on a Thursday, he had five responses by Friday, a viewer on Saturday and sold on Monday. Prior to that, he'd had ten viewers in six weeks with a local agent. "They targeted the wrong market, plus the details were unbelievably scant so viewers were put off to find it wasn't what they expected." The extra work in handling enquiries he felt was easily worth the £4000 he saved in commission.

Steve and Veronica Fish

Steve and Veronica Fish had an offer from an English family in Amsterdam for their north Norfolk 16th century cottage within two weeks of placing it with in September 2001. Due to legal problems, it took four months to become firm, during which time they had two to three enquiries per week. "They were all serious," says Steve. "We thought, being an open domain, we'd get casual visitors. But we got far more curious or time-wasters through the estate agent."

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