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Specialist Insurance


Is your home insurance with your mortgage lender or a high-street insurer? If you own antiques or fine art, you could be in for some surprises when it comes to making a claim. If your home contents include items that might be difficult to replace, it's worth talking to a broker with access to specialist policies from insurers such as Chubb, Hiscox and Chartis, who are sensitive to issues of heritage and preservation.

Price is important when choosing your insurance, but breadth of cover and claims handling are equally important. The extra attention to detail from a specialist broker could bring your premium down.

Period Property UK with La Playa offers specialist insurance advice and cover for buildings and contents, period homes, fine art, antiques and jewellery. Arranging your insurance needn't be like changing your will - we don't like forms either, so we offer a hassle-free set-up with a simple phone call.

Is your home listed? As part of our cultural heritage, listed buildings are protected by law. In the event of a fire or flood, you'll need sound advice and you may need specialist craftsmen using authentic materials for repair. A standard policy may restrict you to the insurer's "preferred" builder/joiner.

Damaged an antique ring? It may not be ideal to have it sent off to a high-street jeweller for repair - which many standard policies will insist on.

Stolen antique dresser? It probably can't be replaced - or at least it will take time. Specialist policies offer cash claims settlement so that you can choose not to replace, or find an alternative later through your trusted antiques dealer or auction house.

Wine collection? A flood in the cellar soaked off the labels from one householder's valuable wine collection - but with a specialist policy in place, they ended up home and dry.

Inherited some paintings? You'll need advice on getting them valued to make sure you don't fall into the common trap of under-insurance.

Burst pipe under your valuable slate floor? If the plumber has to break through the floor to access it, the damage may not be covered! Specialist policies include "trace and access" cover.

Damaged the fabric of the building? 70% of repairs to period homes are undertaken by non-specialist construction workers using inappropriate materials. This affects the integrity and value of the property.

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It's important to work with a broker who will take time to tailor cover for your specific needs and give you the advice you need. With La Playa, you'll enjoy.

  • Exceptionally personal service
  • Expert advice
  • Individual risk assessment
  • Fine tuned cover
  • First class claims handling
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