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Stephen Boniface - Stephen Boniface specialises in building conservation providing multi-disciplinary consulting services. He is Chairman of the Building Surveying Faculty and member of the Residential faculty. He serves on the RICS Building Conservation Forum Board and is the 'Agony Uncle' on the Period Property UK website (

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You can write to our panel of experts free of charge on any subject, providing it's got something to do with Period Properties.

Our experts are all specialists in matters directly involved with older properties. So, if you have a problem with an older building - or if you think you might have a problem - ask an Agony Uncle...

Tracey Gillett
Mark Hughes
Irene Sherring
Tracy Ambrose
Linda Miles
Andy Richardson
Cathey Webb
Mr Maypole
Al Lamb
Wendy Braithwaite
Sarah Hunter
(Central Scotland)
Nick Collins
Kevin McArthur
Stuart Lines
Sam Hughes
Junaid Hanif
Vicky Dennison
Catherine Caton
Edna Pattenden
Lynne Breaker-Rolfe
Nina Johns
(West Midlands)
Glenda King
Heather Kemp
(West Sussex)
Harriet Pearce-Smith
(Greater London)
Nik Warden
Andrew Hunt
(Greater London)
Gareth Peace
Simon Dudley
Judy Hirst
Mary Lou Downie
MC Card
Cherrie Cray
Joanne Mullen
Karen Hearn
Alex West
Helen Barker
(Greater London)
John Lawson
(Greater London)
Stephen Flint
Katharine Bailey
Sally Timms
(East Sussex)
Sally Morton
Natalie Campbell
(East Sussex)
Robert Bester
Denis Shepherd
Victoria MacDonald
Natasha Perry
Ann Gunning
Gareth Roberts
(Gwynedd County)